5 Kenyan Songs that defined the 2000’s

Before Sauti Sol, Just a Band and Cece Sagini came to be, there was a crop of Kenyan musicians who dominated the local music industry and defined our childhood/youth experiences. Without Youtube, Google or social media, we couldn’t access our favourite musicians 24/7, which meant that when your favourite song came on the radio you had to savour the moment because who knew when you would hear it again!

Thanks to the internet we can now listen to these classic Kenyan songs on repeat, and with this week’s #ThrowbackThursday post we’ve made it even easier for you. Below is a list of five classic Kenyan songs  that we loved in the early-mid 2000’s. Enjoy reminiscing!

  1. Boomba Train by E-Sir Feat. Nameless  
  2. Githurai by Lenny, Mr Googs, Vinnie Banton
  3. Unbwogable by Gidigidi Majimaji 
  4. Leta Wimbo by Sema 
  5. Ninanoki by Nameless Feat. Amani 

What was your favourite Kenyan song from the early-mid 2000’s? Let us know!