Thrilling Activities To Do In Nairobi On A Weekend

The weekend is here and you probably don’t have any set plans to keep you busy. Apart from sleeping in and watching a movie, here are a few things that might help start your week on a positive note.

Visit the Nairobi National Park For a Game drive

Why bother planning a whole day trip just to go out of for a game drive when you can do it in the heart of Nairobi? Visit the Nairobi National Park with a friend or two and get to see not only animals such as the Zebras, Lions, and Hyenas but also the amazing Skyline of Nairobi from the park. Have dinner later or a few drinks after the drive as you watch the sunset.

Go For GP Karting

The GP Karting which is just along Langata Road is the best experience any adrenaline Junky will have, get that Formula 1 Racing experience and after taking part in paintballing at the same site with your friends.

Drive down to The Forest for Ziplining

Go for a ziplining adventure at The Forest, a 40-minute drive from Nairobi. Zipline through the forest as you experience the beautiful Fauna surrounding you, trust me you will love it. For those who might not be into the thrill of ziplining and scared of heights, ride a mountain bike through the forest and top it up with archery or paintballing for an hour.

Go For a Picnic

Nairobi and its environs have plenty of lovely spaces one can go for picnics, the best thing is if you have kids they will be sure to enjoy playing in the outdoors plus you won’t have to dig so deep into your pockets. The arboretum, Central Park, Uhuru Park, Ngong Hills, Paradise Lost are some of the places one can experience this.

Go Ice Skating

This should be fun especially since Kenya never experiences snow. For a few hundred shillings one can go ice skating at The Panari, forget about being experienced in skating because even small children can do it.

Watch Local Plays

Forget going to the movie for once and head over to The Alliance Française which is mostly buzzing with local plays showing at the theatre almost every weekend. For as low as 500 shillings one can watch hilarious plays.

Visit The Elephant Orphanage

Get to experience Elephants in close proximity at the Elephant Orphanage situated in Lang’ata. The orphanage has several elephants including baby elephants which are usually taken care of well and protected from poachers.

Drive To OlePolos

Just an hour away from the city, OlePolos is that place where you can have a drive out of Nairobi and at the same time enjoy yourself over a few drinks and tasty nyama choma. The views from up there are to die for especially when the sun is setting.