Bring on the Camo for the Next Thrift Social

Thrift Social is back for its next edition. There have been the Waxprint Edition, the Denim Edition, the Clothes Swap Edition among others and on 7th May Thrift Social brings the Camo edition to the Alchemist.

The main aim of Thrift Social is to promote thrift culture. A culture that is frankly unavoidable if you grew up in Nairobi. A culture that many of us live by. With a market around almost every neighborhood, shopping at these markets is cheap and convenient. It’s a one-stop shop, everything from vegetables to thigh high boots and everything in between can be found there.

The main idea is once the theme is announced the fun part of getting an outfit together begins. Take a weekend afternoon and scour any of the multiple markets across the city and find the perfect outfit. Let your creativity and personality shine through your outfit. Thrift Social also has vendors at the venue, so you just might just find the perfect accessory to your outfit at the event.

Apart from interacting with interesting and creative people as well as getting fantastic products from the vendors at hand, the freshest music acts from across the continent have made an appearance at previous Thrift Social events. Including EA Wave, Petite Noir, Mix Master Lenny and Dj Steelo Live. The Camo edition will see sounds from Butchnorman, Marushka, Taio and L.I.A.

Grab your tickets to the Camo Edition of the Thrift Social here

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