Thrift Social Gears Up For The Color Blocking Edition

We’re not really done with the first week of March, however with the way our weekends seem to be set up – madness is absolutely the operative word.

And one event stands out in particular with regards to the world of fashion and culture – the return of the Thrift Social!

Thrift Social is about the weird, wacky and the wonderful. The outlet through which the young and the young at heart can explore their creativity through music, clothing and art.

It’s a lifestyle – and one that everyone should at least attempt once in their lives.

In 2010 and 2011, color blocking was everywhere. The trend then took a hiatus but is back in 2018 making it the year of the modern colour block!

Thrift Social’s COLOR BLOCKING EDITION will be held at The Alchemist Bar on March 17th with an electrifying performance by Brooklyn- based rapper/singer Brother Kamau.

He fuses his life long musical, cultural, physical and emotional influences to create soundtracks to his life that speak of both his internal and external experiences. Down for an electric performance, great ambience and a pretty dope crowd of people? Then Thrift Social is almost certainly your kind of vibe.

And that’s not all. Who knows – this could be your opportunity to get spotted, or at the very least, get your picture in one of the world’s most influencial style bibles.
Teen Vogue has commissioned a number of photographers for the day of the event, and who knows where that will lead.

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