‘Those Things Don’t Matter’ – Rapper Khaligraph Jones To His Haters

Award-winning rapper Khaligraph Jones has left a word for his haters after taking constant jibes at him and his dress code.

One person in particular whom he addressed was upcoming Instagrammer and entertainer ‘Wizzotanonane’ who has been trending online and threw shade at the OG about his dress choice.

”Skuizi nimeona wasee wengi wametokea ati  OG anapiga sijui luku mbwakni. Kitu inaeza ni concern the least at this point mahali nimefika na career yangu ni ati mtu aniambie nguo navaa ni fake ama ni original… Those things don’t even matter,” said Khaligraph.

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”Saa Zile mnakimbia Ku Clout Chase na Jina Ya Omollo; Alafu me Nawaibia iyo Slang mumetumia kunitusi nayo, natangeneza Nayo Banger. Its a Different Ball Game. The OG shall be respected…” he added.

During the interview on Kipawa’s youtube channel, Khaligraph had a word of advice for upcoming artists and he urged them to persevere and be constant in their craft.

“Trust the process, its a gradual process,” he advised.

Watch the full video here:

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