This Is What Next Generation Kenyan Fashion Looks Like

It’s a beautiful time to be young in Africa – at no other point in our history has it seemed as though we are making a bigger impact with our style – whether across the continent or beyond it.

Whether in music, food, fashion or even hair  – being ‘African’ has turned into something we actively cheer as opposed to mumble under our breath. And this translates beyond the so called ‘creative’ sphere – Africans are excelling in every single niche.

Fashion has always meant different things to different people – for some, it’s about following trends. For others, it’s about the ability to put together a style that is independent and expresses their personality. And for others still, it’s simply about comfort and utility.

Fashion 4 - Designs by James Baya

                                                                                                          Designs by James Baya

Whatever the case – the choices you make in your clothing may not completely define you, but they will inevitably tell a side of your story.

A ridiculously talented group of young designers recently had the opportunity to showcase their most inspired work at the Kenya Fashion Award’s ‘Next Gen’ Fashion Weekend – a concept night that engaged with upcoming designers and students from universities and colleges across the country. The theme was interesting: collect second hand clothes and redesign them into something unique and creative.

Fashion 5 - Design by Wangari Mathenge                                                                                                            Design by Wangari Mathenge

In this day of Pinterest (and general tough times) re-purposing the old into the new is absolutely on trend. Ten young designers were judged by the panel –and the ultimate winners will be awarded during a Gala set for the 3rd of September.

The panel of experts – which included Fashion Watch’s Carol Odero, designer at JW Coutour Jamil Walji and model Darrel Gee – had a tough day’s work.

Fashion 2 - Carol Odero

  Carol Odera

Kenyan fashion continues to develop at an outstanding rate – and the awards are about celebrating not just the designers, but those who contribute to the industry as a whole – from models to photographers, to stylists to creatives.

There is a vast amount of wealth within fashion in Kenya and the continent as a whole and winning means reward and an opportunity to really begin to develop a brand. We can’t wait to find out who tops the list on the 3rd of next month.

Fashion 3 - Design by Keziah Kabutu

                                                                                                              Design by Keziah Kabutu

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