These 8 Foods Will help You Grow Taller

Unlike weight, height is something we have very little control over. You might hate the fact that you are not as tall as you’d wish or maybe sometimes wish you were just a little bit shorter.

While it’s true about 80% of an individual’s height is determined by genetics, that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s totally nothing you can do to increase –or even decrease– your height.

Teenagers and children can still increase their height through various remedies and diets but it’s good also to note that you can’t increase your height once you’ve reached your maximum height.

When a person is growing, their bones continue to grow in length until the end of puberty. Bones have growth plates called epiphyses.

As a person reaches the end of puberty, these growth plates fuse together, and the person stops growing.

Therefore adults can’t increase their height but can maintain it by strengthening their bones and joints.

Here are 8 foods that will increase your height”

1. Eggs

2. Dairy And Dairy Products

3. Soybeans

4. Chicken

5. Yogurt

6. Beans

7. Fruits

8. Almonds

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