These 5 Nairobi’s Coworking Spaces Should Be On Your Radar This New Year

Working away from home and at your own convenience has become a blessing over time. Having to get your own personal workspace in an area of your choice, has in a way created a good work culture.

If you are in Nairobi and looking for quality and price friendly workspace outside of your home, here are 5 co-working office spaces you should totally check out.

Baraza Lab

Located at Keystone Park, 95, Riverside. Baraza Lab has such an inviting work ambiance that is very convenient for entrepreneurs, and anyone working away from home. Baraza also offers podcast services and video editing services to any members willing to use the space. The space is not only price worthy but extremely effective for lovers of aesthetics and good servings.

Nairobi Garage

Nairobi Garage has been known for its effective and vibrant work environment. The workspace not only paves way for networking due to its ability to pull in large and diverse crowds, but also has reliable amenities and resources  – and the prices are extremely favorable.

The Mint Hub

Ever walked into an office space and did not want to leave? Yeah, that’s the mint hub for you. The vibrant working space is not only inviting but it also has extremely favorable pricing. Located at the Western Height Building, Karuna Road, the Mint Hub is worth your time.


Ikigai is endowed with creativity and a natural feeling as it’s blended with an outdoorsy feel. The workspace is extremely inviting and at a very favorable price ranging from Ksh.10,000 per month. Located in both Westlands and Lavington, Ikigai is worth a visit.


As its 3 pillars states, Metta aims to offer a space where entrepreneurs can meet, learn, and build. The space has lived up to its pillars as the space is not only work-friendly, but with a networking spectrum you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

The above spaces are all worth a checkout. Let us know your experience once you pay them a visit!

In case there’s a space that you feel should be added to our list, don’t hesitate to hit us up!