These 3 Curvy Models’ Message To Plus Size Beauties Will Inspire You

The plus size community in Kenya has been getting more and more recognition by fashion brands over the past few years and it is all thanks to the vigilance of the community members in vouching for inclusion.

Three such people who have been waving the Kenyan flag for plus size and curvy models are Shely sophisticated, miss Nyawi and miss Nduati. These young influencers and change makers have used their different capacities to ensure that people understand that being curvy is beautiful.

They have come to the rescue of most girls and women who have been systemically bashed by society for their weight. True Love recently featured the three beauties who have empowered so many.

Miss Nduati

Miss Nduati, real name Tracy Nduati, is the reigning Miss Kenya Plus World. She wears her beauty like she wears her crown, high.

Speaking about their collaboration with True Love, she said, “Hello loves! This is the most powerful image I have ever been a part of…Let me tell you why… being body positive about your own body so that you can be able to inspire another woman out there to love herself and the current body she is in…is not easy at all. Its been a journey and it continues every single day.

I hope when you look at this page in @truelove_ea makes you proud…brings you joy…shows you that no matter what size you are…no matter what shade of skin… You are absolutely beautiful and your superpower is…that you are YOU.”

Shely Sophisticated

Shelmith Mukami is a Kenyan plus size model, fledging make-up artist, vlogger and digital influencer, who has carved a name for herself in the digital space. She rocks her curves unapologetically and empowers all the curvy girls out there.

Miss Nyawi

Nyawira Mumenya aka Miss Nyawi is a content creator cum real estate consultant who has been in the game for a hot minute. During the interview with True Love, she said people should just stop telling Plus size women what to wear and not to wear because of their size.

Their parting shot, ‘you are beautiful just the way you are’.

Watch the full empowering interview here:


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