Thee Pluto Dabbles With The Idea Of Quitting Social Media For Good

Popular content creator Thee Pluto has raised a lot of eyebrows especially among his fans after he hinted at quitting social media for good.

Speaking on his Youtube channel with his girlfriend Felicity Shiru, Pluto expressed his doubts on going back to regular posting.

“It’s not a guarantee that I’ll do that. And lately I have began to feel like social media is not my thing. Maybe by the end of this year or next year, God willing, I’ll quit social media, delete my handles and live a private life,” Pluto said.

This was in response to a question posed by a fan who wanted to know why Pluto was not producing content as consistently as he used to.

The father of two shot to fame with his Thee Pluto Show that ‘sanitizes’ couples in the streets of Nairobi.

Lately, however, his brand has been tainted by controversy about engaging in illegal money making schemes, claims which he dismissed.

To be or not to be, it’s a wait and see from this point.

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