The Upcoming Blankets and Wine Rescheduled

The beloved East African event, ‘Blankets and Wine,’ initially set for Sunday, July 7, 2024, has been postponed to July 28, 2024. The decision comes in response to the ongoing political tensions in the country, according to the event organizers.

In an official statement, the organizers expressed their regret over the change, stating, “With a heavy heart, we will be rescheduling Blankets & Wine from 7th July 2024 to 28th July 2024. After extensive consultations, we do not have the necessary security clearance to proceed with the event this coming Sunday.”

They continued, “We know how much you were looking forward to this event, and so were we. We’re committed to bringing it to you when it’s safe for everyone.”

The organizers highlighted that they have been in continuous discussions since the political turmoil over the Finance Bill 2024 began. They emphasized their mission to create joyful experiences, which has been challenged by the recent unrest.

“Our work at GoodTimes Africa is to design experiences that bring you joy and delight. As the situation in our nation has been unfolding, we have been holding daily briefings with our security teams to prepare effectively for our next edition scheduled for Sunday, 7th July 2024,” they added.

Given the escalation of peaceful protests into violent confrontations, the organizers determined that July 7, known as Saba Saba, would not be a suitable day for the event.

“Due to the politically charged nature of July 7, there is a significant threat to life and property, including road closures, flash protests, and potential violence after dusk,” they stated.

For ticket holders, the organizers provided reassurance that tickets would remain valid for the rescheduled date and offered options for those unable to attend on July 28.

“All purchased tickets are valid for 28th July 2024. However, if you cannot make it, you can transfer your tickets to either 6th October 2024 or 22nd December 2024 (Nairobi) or 29th September or 15th December (Kampala) by contacting us via DM or email,” they informed.

The political unrest stems from protests against the Finance Bill 2024, which have turned violent due to infiltration by criminal elements. Activists have now shifted to an online campaign targeting corrupt officials, including members of President Ruto’s Cabinet, accusing them of amassing wealth at the public’s expense.

Stay tuned for updates on ‘Blankets and Wine’ as the situation develops. For now, let’s prioritize safety and look forward to a joyful event on July 28.

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