The Ultimate Guide To Building A Great Hair Care Routine For Beginners

Do you experience hair fall? Or do you ever wonder how you can reduce hair fall? Hair fall occurs as a result of various reasons. Focus on a nutritious diet, exercise, and maintain a proper hair care routine to get healthy hair. If you consistently take care of your hair, it will increase your chances of healthy hair and reduce hair problems such as hair fall, frizziness, etc. no single product can tackle your hair issues. You need to have a proper hair care routine and be consistent.

Here is an essential hair care guide to help you adopt a proper hair care routine: –


It is advisable to use a sulfate-free shampoo for regular use. Sulfate can be too drying and can damage the hair in the long run if used frequently. However, sulfate is a good cleaning agent as it helps clean any build-up on the scalp. Always shampoo your hair at least 2-3 times a week, depending on how often your scalp gets greasy.


Conditioners are mandatory. You should always condition your hair after every wash. If you don’t like wash-off conditioners, you can go for leave-in conditioners and creams along with hair masks before washing.

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Hair Oils

You should oil your hair about 2-3 hours before shampooing. It is better not to leave hair oils overnight as they can clog up the pores on your scalp. However, if keeping hair oils overnight works for your hair, you can do so. It is all about seeing what is helping to keep your hair healthy.

Hair Masks

People with dandruff-prone scalp shouldn’t use oil on their hair. Hair masks are an excellent alternative for dandruff-prone scalp. Always use a hair mask at least twice a week and use Aloe Vera gel on your scalp and lengths to keep them moisturized. Hair oils, especially if kept for an extended period, tend to increase the problem of dandruff in your scalp. However, if you like oiling your hair, you can do so about 1 hour before shampooing. Consider using a medicated dandruff removal shampoo regularly to get rid of dandruff.

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