The Secret of Life

So what is the secret of life? Oldest question in history, I imagine. If you only live once you might as well live it right, don’t you think?

In my opinion, I don’t believe there is a single “secret” to life as we know it. We all live unique lives as distinct as our finger prints. Our lives are influenced by our personal experiences, our environments, our relationships as well as our beliefs.

However, here are some universal principles and values that many a folk find crucial to a fulfilling and meaningful life:

1. The pursuit of Happiness.

This is achieved by searching deep within yourself and finding your passions and interests then striving to attain them.

2. Stay Healthy.

Take care of yourself. Mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually. Work out, take walks, eat healthy, laugh heartily and when it’s time to shed a tear, let it flow. Keep what’s good for you as close as possible and what’s not, keep it out of reach.

3. Find Purpose.

Finding a sense of meaning in ones life is a good enough reason live. Like taking care of your loved ones, or craftsmanship. A reason to get out of bed is all you need.

4. Interpersonal relationships.

Apparently, no man is an island. Finding ways to develop, nurture and maintain meaningful relationships with people around you is a good way to experience the world as well as a glimpse of what the other person’s experience is like.

5. Target Practice.

They say nothing feels better than getting to the peek of a mountain and looking down on how far you came. Setting a goal and striving to achieve it might be a good method of finding fulfillment.

6. Be Graceful and Kind.

Taking care of one another is all we have to do to be in harmony. Empathy, generousity, faithfulness, let these values guide you on your way through space and time.

Ultimately, the secret to a fulfilling life is relative and requires introspective, personal awareness and much soul searching to uncover. Let’s dare to live!

I am. See the world through a different lens.