The Second Artists Xchange Series Unveiled

11 October of 2019 by

The second Artists Xchange series has been launched. The project which is dubbed ‘Floating, Flying’ is a collaboration of artists Margy Modo from Karamoja, Elizabeth Korikel from Turkana and Chebet Mutai from Nairobi.

The Artists Xchange, a year-long undertaking that brings together artists from Turkana, Karamoja, Kampala and Nairobi to produce work that responds to the issues facing the Ateker region (Turkana & Karamoja) in a direct or abstract manner. It is also a companion project of the feature documentary Turkana: Races for Resources ( which will be released in 2020.

Margy Modo puts together modern fashion inspired by her heritage – she’s also a super talented bead artist. Elizabeth Korikel on the other hand
Elizabeth Korikel works to fuse traditional Turkana and modern bead designs and Chebet Mutai works in leather to create bags and home décor items

Together they worked to create Floating, Flying – a project that fused their sensibilities in décor, beading and leatherwork each showcasing elements from their heritage.

The project was shot in and around the inspiring landscapes of Eliye, Lake Turkana.


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