The Rulers of Nairobi Night Life

Almost everybody I have talked to that comes here from a different country says that The Obi is just like New York; busy city, infrastructure, the city lights, street families and the night life.

Knowing that Nairobi was once voted amongst the cities that really love to party, there are people who facilitate this even further by creating an environment that’s… you know… conducive for the turn up.

Kenyan entertainment seems to be heading in the right direction. From hosting more events, having more A/B list celebrities get into the country to having the club scene more vibrant and a developing culture of looking the part even while going out.

There are specific clubs/lounges that have really become popular within a short period of time, despite them being new. So how exactly did these spots become revelers’ faves? That’s not really hard to tell because having been to most of these, there’s just something about walking in and not wanting to leave until after you have nearly cleared your savings and made a fool of yourself… probably.

  1. KIZA Restaurant and Lounge

Located on the 8th and 9th floors of Galana Plaza on Galana Road, Kilimani, KIZA set itself apart from other clubs by creating a setting where Africans from all over the continent could have a place to enjoy food and music from wherever they want on the continent. If you want a club that will make you feel like the VIP you are, buy a bottle or 2 of some of the most expensive drinks and get your table reserved. If you’re feeling a little extra with yourself and don’t feel like bumping into people or maybe you just like your space then there’s a VVIP section and what makes it even better is there’s a specific entry/exit plan for that area so nobody has to see you walking in and out of the club. Why do you think all the celebrities who come to Nairobi pass by KIZA? Think about it.

kiza-nairobi kiza


  1. B Club Nairobi

Who hasn’t heard about this spot? If you’re reading this and saying “me” then it might be safe to say that you don’t have a social life… not even a little. Situated on the first floor of Galana Plaza, Kilimani, B Club is probably the biggest competition that KIZA has. Pretty much the same structure when it comes to food, the VIP/VVIP sections, B Club is also a fave with local and international celebrities. This is the very club where over Kshs. 1 million was spent on one night!

What other club have you seen with a biometric system at the entrance? If you don’t have a B Club budget or you don’t belong, nobody needs to tell you because downstairs there’s a Lamborghini, a Hummer and a Ferrari just for show. Word is, to get a ride in any of these cars; you have to spend over 200K a night at the club.

B Club is the type of club where men clad in expensive suits with the key to their Range (or insert expensive car model here) on their pinky are. These men are often accompanied by girls in short, beautiful dresses, expensive weave and a very noticeable and distinct age difference.

B Club isn’t the type of club you just walk into. If you don’t have the money for it, please just stick to your local.

 b-club b-club2

  1. The Yard/Alchemist

The Yard is exactly as it is, a yard. You step into it and you can tell the difference between The Yard and any other club in the city. Unlike other hangout spots the furniture at The Yard, first, is made at the back of the club. This furniture is nature friendly; wooden seats with comfortable cushions so that you can enjoy the drink you’re having or a Mama Rocks Burger in an open air environment.

The vibe at The Yard makes you want to relax. This is the joint you find all the “cool kids”. I’m talking about the guys who live in “uptown Nairobi”, guys who sound like they have been studying abroad all their lives because their English is laced with some sort of American accent.

The Yard is one of the clubs that has really championed local sounds through their numerous events which are mostly headlined by local acts on the come up, such as the East African wave which is a group of individuals who came together to push the sounds coming out of  “uptown  Nairobi” using the tag #NuNairobi across social media outlets.

Despite the racism rumors, you will find all sorts of races at The Yard, drinking and having the time of their lives for that one night. It’s a pocket friendly club, in my opinion, so whenever you’re in Westlands, hop in, and grab yourself a cold one.

alchemist alchemist2

  1. Space Lounge & Grill

Located on Ngong Rd, opposite Prestige Plaza, Space Lounge is that place you go to and order your nyama choma, if you wish, as you sip on adult drinks, as I like to call them. Like some of the clubs in Nairobi, there are themed nights, like Karaoke Tuesday, hosted by the beautiful songstress Sanaipei Tande of the Mfalme wa Mapenzi hit song and Hits Friday, with top DJs in the country on the decks. Besides that there are also parties with strict dress codes such as an all-black affair which is popular amongst clubs in the city as well. I mean, who doesn’t have any item that’s black in their closet, right?

Space Lounge is the perfect “I’m going to only have one drink” after work excuse but then you end up spending the entire night there, only to ask yourself what happened and why you make bad decisions the next morning at 6 o’clock.

Just like The Alchemist, Space Lounge is also open air and has a mixture of nationalities going to unwind at the club. There’s no pressure to be extremely dressed which makes it a perfect “local” because after all, your drink won’t ask much from you, right?

 space-lounge space-lounge2

  1. Privee

There’s a club that was started just the other day that seemed to overtake all the other clubs in Westlands. That club is Privee, which is located on the first floor of Fortis Towers. A night out at Privee is nothing short of a classy affair, which is to be expected since the prices of the drinks are what they probably use to sieve those who come into the premises. Say what you will but this is the definition of a classy and fun environment. You’re not walking into Privee to find the ratchets found in some other clubs that I dare not mention. The ambience is always on point and they have great music because they will have top DJs who have mastered the art of the club and music as a whole on the decks; DJs such as Hassan, Kaffi, Kace, will have you on your feet the entire night, making the ladies forget about the sky high heels they’re wearing and the pain that comes with it, the morning after.

Good vibes keep flowing, great music, lots of space, good food, a wide range of drinks and yes, just like other top clubs in Nairobi, for you who just want to lounge and keep to yourselves, there’s a VIP lounge just for you, with a back door to the rooftop. Need I say that the view of Nairobi from that rooftop is absolutely breathtaking?

There are only a few things that match you having your drink, a bearable breeze and Nairobi city lights beaming at you as you enjoy good music and great ambience. If you need a place to take your plus one, this is it!

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