The Road To Abu Dhabi Kicks Off

The Jonnie Walker GP Karting Championship dubbed Kenya Racing Festival kicked off this past weekend at the Whistling Moran. The competition combines both Go-Kart racing and F1 Virtual Simulation –
an F1 simulator takes you through a virtual journey of full F1 experience.

20 teams battled out for the best time, in order to win a chance to watch live Grand Prix races later in the year.

Team Sim-U-Nation topped the races with all its team members recording an average of 1:31 minutes per race. Others who came close were Team Mingati, Speed Gonzales, and Cereal Killers. The team will compete next weekend and the finals will be held on 2nd November.

The winning team will get to travel to Abu Dhabi for Formula 1 Championship later in the year.

Speaking at the unveiling ceremony in Nairobi, KBL Head of Premium Spirits, Grace Nshemeire-Gwaku said, “The final 20 teams were selected from over 80 hopeful teams across the country in a grueling qualifier held at Whistling Moran. We believe this is an exciting chapter for Kenya to show the world that there are Go Kart champions in this part of the world and Johnnie Walker is proud to sponsor them.”

The decision to leverage Formula 1 sport is to tap to its growing popularity in Kenya and marrying it with Diageo premiumization trends

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