The Rise of Dela after Her Swahili Version of Adele’s ‘Hello’

Many of you may not have known Dela before her major Swahili rendition of Adele’s song ‘Hello’. Nonetheless, her music career did not start recently as it may seem. Dela has been on the music realm for a good while now, and has even sung vocals in Sauti Sol’s ‘Mama Papa’ hit song. To have teamed up with Sauti Sol only goes to show how musically talented this diva is. However, after her collabo with Sauti Sol her music presence seemingly went low until the beautiful comeback with ‘Hello’. Nothing can hold down Dela anymore.

They say consistency is key and Dela has proven this to be true by maintaining her stardom on the airwaves. After her great success with ‘hallo’ she has outdone herself yet again with the catchy ‘Nimecatch Mafeelings’ song, and now fresh from the oven; ‘Third Party lover’.

Expect Dela to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up with her magical vocals and sound as she has done with ‘Third Party Lover’. In her new song, Dela sings about the increased rate of deception in today’s relationships, and the rise in ‘Clande’ arrangements, not so different from her previous ‘Mafeelings’ song.

Dela seems to be on the right path in her music career as she is soaring to greater heights with each new song. This only goes to show what perseverance and resilience can birth. We definitely love Dela’s sound, wit, imagination and talent and can’t wait to hear more from this Kenyan songstress!