The Retrogression of Progression

5 tips to recover your Brain

We are at a point in life where everything seems to be working at the click of a button. One touch and a solution is birthed.

These are clearly the days that those before us dreamt about. Heck maybe even better.

Do you think we can truly say we have progressed when the same advancement seems to have inhibited our ability to think?

According to research carried out by Microsoft, the average attention span of humans is at 8 Seconds, one second lower than that of a goldfish.

It’s sad to say that the things that were meant to make us progressive are now making us dim wits.

Doubting it? How many of you have made it this far without having to view another pop-up?

We are distracted! Distraction is the killer of focus and the ultimate detractor of dreams.

So how do we recover from all the distractions?

Silence the noise

Intentionally reduce all the things requiring your attention. One practical way is curving out specific times when to engage in social media.

Establish new pathways in your brain

The human brain is a magnificent muscle. Like any other muscle to develop it requires exercise. Learn new skills, develop new habits and pick up a book every once in a while.


Train yourself to mindfully think about things. Explore into focus. Take a subject matter and actually give it an in-depth look.

Challenge your brain

Most of us are always looking for the easiest way out. How about the next time you have a challenge you drop google and try to formulate a solution?

Dare to innovate

The difference between innovators and adaptors is thought. Don’t be quick to always adopt, give the world something to adopt too.

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