Here’s How The Plot: Mya, 112, Ginuwine Went Down!

*siiiiiiiiiiigh* #ThePlot!!

Where to start? When a certain company decides to do a show, you expect a good performance but what I got courtesy of PRC superseded every expectation I had. Now I could talk about the entire show and how great it was (and if you didn’t attend it you should feel bad. Really, really bad) but instead, I’m gonna talk about the particular tracks performed that meant so much to me.

After the Ogopa re-union. Mya was up on stage first. She gave quite the energetic and lively performance and had the crowd on a high. Then she said that she was going to perform a song that really touched her growing up, backed up by a guitarist from Nairobi called Mr. Izzo. What record was it? SWV’s Weak. I have no idea when I discovered this record since it came out in ’92 and I am a 90s baby so I was barely a toddler but I discovered and loved it. I think that’s all that matters, though I do like to think that I have a very old soul with good taste living inside me.

Mya’s vocals were beautiful and the way she controlled her voice was excellent. The entire time I was thinking to myself that that’s the only way you can tell someone has been doing something for a long time. It’s the control and the close to perfect precision they handle their business. How she handled the crowd as well? A++. Watching her perform made me fall in love with her voice, with the song again and made me anticipate more that was coming. I simply could not wait for the next two acts. Mya had raised the bar and the only thing I expected was better than that.

Mya on Stage

Up next, 112. Quite honestly the one song I couldn’t wait for them to perform was Cupid. Cupid came out in ’97 and I wasn’t even ten by then… And 10 is on the higher side so when I was old(er) enough to appreciate it, that’s when I started listening to it more and understanding what the message they were trying to pass across. Just seeing 112 up on stage doing their dance routine to this song almost had me in tears. Their vocals merged seamlessly into each other and I was blown away by the fact that they had managed to keep a crew together for over 20 years and achieved great things, even winning a Grammy for “I’ll Be Missing You” (a tribute to Notorious B.I.G) featuring Diddy and Faith Evans. When they performed I’ll Be Missing You, I was in my feelings. I can’t even lie. It took me to losing my grandmother about three years ago and this is the song I requested on the radio. That’s even before I started doing my thing on the radio. The comforting thing about it was, yes, I may be missing her but at the same time once we’re done with this life I’ll see her again and she’s in a better place.


112 on stage

Ginuwine wrapped the show up. Started it off with a song we were probably all familiar with, Same Ol’ G. The tracks that definitely had me? Differences (2001) and In Those Jeans (2003). Barely a teenager but grown enough to know that Ginuwine was attractive and even though we didn’t have #MCM back then, we had those lyric/ song books that were every parents’ nightmare. The general thought was, we were wasting time learning lyrics that were way above our age or stage in life instead of learning Science or say, Mathematics.

Ginuwine on stage

Ginuwine on stage

Hey, any parent reading this. Do you remember seeing your kid’s lyric book and wanting to pull your hair out? You didn’t pay school fees for that, right? For the people my age or younger (well, the cool ones). Remember learning those lyrics and keeping those books in a safe place where nobody but you could find it? This was quite an amazing show. I will never forget how it made me feel and the emotions these performances stirred up in me. From the Ogopa DJs Reunion featuring performances by Amani, Big Pin, Nyashinski (formerly part of the crew Kleptomaniax) Mr. Lenny, Colonel Mustafa (formerly of the duo Deux Vultures) all the way to Ginuwine closing up performances.

That’s a night I never wanna forget… and I hope I don’t !”

Photo credits: Nairobi News

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