The Making of An Icon: Author Eugine Kabasa To Release Book Based On Jalang’o

Former comedian turned politician Jalang’o’s star is about to get brighter following the announcement of an upcoming book that will touch on his rise from nothing to one of the biggest personalities in the country.

Renowned Kenyan author Eugine Kabasa is set to release his latest book, “The Making of an Icon: The inspiring journey of Jalang’o,” which details the life of the Langata MP Jalang’o.

The book’s Foreword has been penned by NTV news anchor Brian George.

The book, which is based on Jalang’o’s life, covers his humble beginnings in Homa Bay, his struggles in school, and his rise to fame as a radio presenter, comedian, and currently a Member of Parliament.

“It presents the major life lessons that one can take away from specific incidences of Jalang’os eventful career. In the book, I make a commentary of how his story is a perfect example of defying odds and making it where normally you wouldn’t,” the author said.

Jalang’o’s background as a fisherman and fishmonger, his blue-collar job experience, and his breakout role on Citizen TV’s “Papa Shirandula” are explored. Hailing from a farming family in Homa Bay, Jalang’o had humble beginnings.

He had four siblings and lost his father on the day he signed his first radio presenter contract at Kiss 100, but he still succeeded and became a well-known figure in Kenya’s media industry and an MP for Lang’ata. Jalang’o faced challenges in his education, scoring 442/700 in KCPE and not being able to attend Maseno School due to fees, but he eventually went to Barkanyango Secondary School and got a C+ in KCSE at Nyagoma Boys High School.

“It is not a biography. While the story draws from the journey of Jalang’o, the points that make the fibre of the book are purely my own insights,” said Kabasa.

“The book, once launched, will be suitable for the general audience since inspiration and motivation knows no age. As the writer, however, I would recommend it to young people starting off this journey of life and feels doubtful.”

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