The Koroga Experience With Turn Up Travel

Turn Up! Probably the only defining nickname to ‘Life of the party’ or ‘perhaps starter pack to the party!’ Goes without saying that this dynamic group has figured out the party scene in Nairobi extensively, from delivering an extremely blithe hype bus to offering an after-party for the books. Turn Up was indeed the ideal option on how to experience Koroga in its two day feels.

The roundup of getting all the staunch attendees to Koroga was a fun practice. Gathering in the bus area felt more of a deja vu except more exciting, enticing, no rules and no teachers involved (if you know, you know). The amazing crowd had a rich vibe, high-spirited and more than anything a welcoming aura that sent us all in moods to party non-stop.

The group that understands timekeeping, got the team to Two Rivers in time for the lit performances from Decimators, Zzero Sufuri and the Sailors, who honestly caused entertainment shivers on ground. In our tiddly-mellow energies Turn Up got us in the rich Koroga Day 1 feels magnetizing the feeling for attending day two of Koroga religiously.

Koroga Day 2 with Turn Up was exceptionally sequential, with order taking the day, from transport to getting drinks and getting the best areas to dance just to pay homage to what is easily the best Turn Up crew, quite-literally. Day two had its amazing guru performances from the likes of Redsan encouraging us to shoulder back, Wyre with his smooth tones lighting the mood and of course Alpha Blondy shutting the house down with the preaching of peace, love and unity. Well, to mark Koroga as memory pictures are important and the Turn Up crew came equipped with the maestro behind the lens who captured every smile, every laugh, every dance quite lively.

We would be damned if not to term Koroga our ideal appetizer for the Turn Up After Party. The pre-requisite being the extremely vibrant ‘party’ bus that took us to where party was born, what turn up loves to term as the Sunday School (1824), again its only with the zealous and the finer in party world, ones with the knowledge of the spicy shots, tasty beers and radiant energies can you pick the right ideologies of what life of a party really is, that is Turn Up for you.

Everything comes to an end, but fun tends to end faster, I guess that’s why we were still yelling Wamlambez at 8 A.M hoping the next Turn Up Experience is loading ASAP!