The Kenya Film Commission Calls For Entries From Young Filmmakers

The Kenya Film Commission is calling on all young filmmakers to submit their work for their inaugural ‘My Kenya My Story’ mobile competition. The commission which was formed to promote the Kenyan film industry both locally and internationally is seeking to give young filmmakers a chance to showcase their work through smartphone film competition.

The filmmaker with the most creative work will walk away with a cash prize of Kshs 500,000. The applicants must be Kenyan citizens aged between 18-35 years. Applicants below the age of 18 must attach a letter from parent or guardian in their applications.

Those interested will be required to submit works in line with any of the following themes: drama, horror, thriller, comedy, documentary, adventure and reality under the tagline ‘My Kenya My Story.’ The clips submitted should not surpass the 5mins maximum length. The language used must be English and subtitles should be added if the filmmaker uses an alternative language.

The applicants must also use mobile phones to record or risk disqualification. Clips that are poor quality, plagiarized or contain vulgar language or atrocities such as nudity and violence will be automatically disqualified.

Interested applicants can submit their works by uploading the videos and photos of their crew here. The submission deadline is 30th April 2018. Voting dates are yet to be announced and the voting will be done online from the Kenya Film Commission website.

There you go, dear filmmaker. Break a leg!

Image credits: Kenya Film Commission

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