The Honey & Dough Gourmet Affair

Honey & Dough, the moniker has an interesting combination, makes one expect an obvious pastry club or perhaps a well served iced honey tea hub but not so fast, they serve food, not just food but really good food.

The apparent public ado over the glamorous gourmet café was swiftly justified over a visit to this very ornate distinctive restaurant located at the One Africa Place on the seventh Floor.

On entry the friendly attendants ushered us in to a very present warm and open air ambiance that had an attractive embellish of pink flamingos. Green leaves covered its walls with borrowed nature within high glass view friendly windows, beige like comfy high stools, low cut multi colored sofas with a touch of throw pillows, high grey smooth marble tables that were white with a slight touch of black spots.

After the excitement subdued, we settled down for the delicacies and among all the tantalizing dishes. The starters were the first layered meals. We had to beckon the appetite and Honey & Dough showed us how.

Stuffed Avocado
The avocado filling was heavenly spread with home made cashew cream and cashew parmesan is an alluring delicacy for the lovers of avocado. It’s not only gentle in its taste but has vast flavor in appreciation of the cashew cream that leaves a sapid feel, a readiness for more, one bite is a joke to this one. Definitely a food mood magnet especially due to the obvious fruity presence. In any case don’t we all just love avocado?

Pulled Pork Bao Bun
Every food lover understands a well fixed pork and the Pulled Pork Bao Bun is one of the highlights. Served with a somewhat peppery juicy ginger pork. It’s mildly combined in chilli sauce with red cabbage served in a soft freshly baked bao bun . The coriander is an ideal garnish, to complete what is easily an inviting look. This dish is a must have for lovers of pop and color.

The main courses were served in wide exciting ranges that included:

H&D Raw Ravioli
For the lovers of international vegan cuisine, this is definitely a must try. This Italian mouth watering exotic dish is a recommended for any food adventurers. The carrot and coconut ravioli wrap is filled with macadamia cheese served with marjoram pesto and balsamic black garlic reduction. The delicacy has a piquant taste to it and a somewhat rare incisive feel in the mouth. The yellow mellow coloration is definitely an added appetizing beckon. Definitely worth a try for foodies, the lovers of veg and the curious food adventurers.

Mexican Chicken Buddha Bowl
For the chicken lovers, this is unarguably with your comfort zone. The zesty dish is a worthy entrée, served in a combo of Mexican rice, grilled peppers with guacamole, sour cream and mango pico de gallo. This dish has a robust satisfying flavor and is definitely a family dish. With its vast combination of par like cooked corn seeds and the sour cream adding to a rather oxymoronic sweet yet tart like exciting taste.

The soft yet tough chicken feel is well cooked to give a broadened scrumptious presence. This is a must have Honey & Dough special and comes highly recommended. Goes well with a glass of white wine which remarkably compliments the dish.

Oriental Chicken
You can never go wrong with their chicken dishes, especially when the maestros are involved. This is definitely a favorite and we saved the best for last. The spicy chicken stir fry with rice has does justice to the flavor. The dish has a vast savory taste that highly inclines to aromatic, the combo in the plate with the very present reds and greens gives a hint of Chinese rice with a somewhat ‘sec-gooeyish’ feel. Any food lover would love this dish

Every good meal should be followed by a good desert and Honey & Dough had some fantastic selections:

H&D Browkie
Quick class session; a browkie is a tag combined from a chocolate brownie and a cookie. So for the lovers of a good toasty dark brown and yet not so fluffy flavor, this might just be what you’re searching for. It is served with home made caramelized honey marshmallows. The mix of these flavors are not only dulcet but extremely harmonious, friendly to the tongue and an enormous joy to the mouth.

Coconut Pear Slice
The pears are marinated in red wine with served coconut, ice cream and cacao. We fell in love with the rare combination of this desert. We must say, it’s not your regular go to dessert combo, however its subtle taste, closer sugars and good garnish might be something foodies can appreciate.

For our readers who appreciate a good cocktail and are feeling a little left out, have no fear. Honey & Dough has you covered.

The H+D Fresca
Its non alcoholic drink that is served with lime stirred up with tonic, lush strawberries, lychee and cranberry. The Fresca is a perfect for fitness enthusiasts, as its low on sugars, which means low carbs and tastes great.

Fallen Angel
This is one of Honey & Dough’s more popular drinks and we believe we know why. With a mix of tanqueray gin, cranberry juice, vanilla, citrus and house made gomme syrup. It’s almost divine to taste and has a redolence fruity smell and taste. Its a new addition to the Honey & Dough menu and totally worth it.

Our recommendation is be sure to pay Honey & Dough a visit by making an early reservation. The ambience has a casual, welcoming heavenly feel.

Also feel free to try the Nutella Pizza folks and let us know your thoughts!