The Greats Festival Celebrates Kenyan Culture In A Unique Way

Any time Kenyan culture is mentioned, the first community that comes to mind is the Maasai.

Their dance, cuisine and fashion is the unifying factor among Kenyans within the country and Internationally.

The Greats Fest, courtesy of Kenya Cane was held in Narok over the weekend.

The event saw residents enjoy a blend of their heritage with a modern twist as Laiso Boy, Ayrosh, Mc Patrick Lelion, Dj Signal and Dj Lyta delivered an unmatched party.

Defining and Celebrating the Kenyan Culture

Speaking on defining and celebrating Kenyan culture, Davis Changalwa, Kenya Cane Brand Manager, EABL said defending and championing our heritage is top of mind for the brand.

“Being a brand that is Kenyan, made for Kenyans

It is only fair if we stand up to defend our culture.” He said, adding …

“As we modernize, we tend to lose our culture, so what better way to champion that cause of trying to preserve our culture.

We want to be that brand that will showcase Kenya to the world.

That explains why we are doing this cultural-like tour across the country,

To highlight what are these unique elements we can pick across all our cultures that we can put together and say this is what we are proud for as a country.” Said Changalwa.

Maasais celebrate their culture in an authentic way without struggle.

Davis Changalwa said in an attempt to first define Kenyan culture, the brand has opted to begin at the grassroots, and the experience in Narok was a resounding success.  

“There is something about the Maa culture that they have been able to do very well,

We have gone around the country, but I would say the people that have been able to celebrate culture in an authentic way without having any sort of struggle have been here in Narok.” He said.  

A Search for the Greats

The experience saw two residents rewarded tokens courtesy of a search for the greats.

The campaign, driven by the radio, gets people to tell their stories, two winners are picked and rewarded tokens cash, merchandise and an experience at the Greats Fest.