The Grand Nairobi Bike Race Is Back!

Nairobi is slowly becoming a home cycling enthusiasts as time goes by people are either cycling to work, keeping fit or for competitive sport.

In a bid to make Nairobi a cycling destination, there are efforts going towards better public transport inclusion and reduced emissions, a cleaner environment and health of the city’s residents in line with the sustainable development goals.

Organisers of the Grand Nairobi Race, Exigent Limited have come up with a fun day event for 1st December at the Uhuru garden for all cycling fans.

The event encourages participation from cyclists through corporate teams racing, as well as serving as an opportunity for elite, professional, amateur and recreational cyclists within the sport to compete against some of the best competition from the region.

This event is poised to become an annual event for both spectators and athletes. Based on the existing cyclist database, we forecast substantial participants and spectators, with exposure increasing with the success of the event in years to come. We are excited to use this event to raise funds towards improving forest cover in partnership with Miti Alliance.

Family fun Ride – 10 Km

Main Race – 70 Kms

Black Mamba – 35Kms

Grab your bike and hit the streets of Nairobi this Sunday. Registration is Ksh1000 for the main race and Ksh200 for black mamba.

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