The Cake Festival Goes Virtual This Year

COVID-19 came with restrictions on gatherings but that won’t stop you from attending your favorite cake event. This year. The Cake Festival will be going virtual in a special edition that has 2 major categories i.e. The Baking Adventure and The Gingerbread House Adventure. The event which is sponsored by the Edumed Trust seeks to raise funds to educate children from less privileged backgrounds.

The Baking Adventure has 4 sub-categories i.e. Professional Bakers, Hobbyist Bakers, Teen bakers and Junior Bakers. The participants will be required to make their submissions in form of essays, photos and videos of their baking stories.

The Gingerbread Adventure, on the other hand, is a special category for participants aged between 6-17 years old. Here, the participants will be required to be creative by being bakers, architects and interior designers at the same time. The submissions for this category will be done in form videos and photos.

The registration deadline is 5 October 2020 and you can register and get more details on this event by clicking here. The registration fee is KES 1000 per participant, per category. Upon registration, one will receive a branded T-Shirt for adults, a branded apron for gingerbread house participants and participation instructions and specifications.

The submission deadlines are as follows:

  • My Baking Adventure Story 12 October 2020
  • Gingerbread House Adventure 19 October 2020

The submissions will be posted for the public to vote. According to the organizers, the voting is scheduled to begin on of 26 October 2020 and close on 28 October 2020. The winners will get various goodies such as gift hampers and trophies.


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