Kenyan Diaspora DJs Create Massive Opportunity Online

The COVID-19 pandemic is really and truly upending our lives. Since the WHO declared it a public health emergency on January 30, a realisation that life would completely change took hold.

In the 254, the government rolled out radical measures to combat and flatten the curve on the cases. These include a 10-hour curfew, borders closure, inter-county travel bans and strict social distancing measures.

Social gatherings ban saw the rise of online activities to keep self-isolated people entertained and combat cabin fever. Enter a Facebook group called “254 Diaspora Djs Live In The Mix”.

This group was created on March 21st when a group of disk jockeys decided to hold online parties. In two months, the group boasts of 90,000 members with an impressive rota of deejaying activity.

The party never stops on the platform with a new DJ hitting the live mix every hour of the day and night. The group has activity from all the continents of the world where Kenyans are. Two hours on the group you realize the talented cats we have who just lack the opportunity and exposure to showcase their skills.

Over the past month, we have seen celebrities like Kriss Darlin, DJ Joe, Protege, Shinki, Enruff, Kaydee and Juan. We have witnessed new names like Sunny, Serme, Mimi, Lazer, Razor and a tonne more. The ladies have been well represented and much appreciated on the group. Names like Deejay B, Nyce, Ray, Sashy, Shock, Aisher, Saye among others have wowed the viewers.

All genres are well represented on the platform. There are minimal restrictions on to what can be aired out as long as the DJ adhere to the community guidelines. The administrators have stepped up and created a website in order to simplify the slot bookings. A quick glance at it shows that open bookings are in July.

For your entertainment needs and taking notes of how talented Kenyans are, peep into the group and get ready to be amazed.

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