The Biggest Throwback Event of The Year is Here!

The Plot by PRC featuring Mya, Ginuwine and 112.

The 90’s, when thongs were sexy, rap was massive, and so was RnB, Will Smith was still “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and P.Diddy was still Puff Daddy. If you grew up in that era and lyrics like “Whatcha gonna do when you can’t say no, and her feelings start to show”, or “…ride it, my pony, my saddle’s waiting” and “I need you in my life, where do we go, what do I do, I can’t live without your love” mean anything to you, then you’re in luck because PRC and The Plot are about to take you down memory lane.

On August 13th you will have an opportunity to relive the 90’s at the Ngong Racecourse at an event called “The plot.” The plot was conceived by PRC (Property Reality Company) last year in celebration of their five-year anniversary. The Property Reality Company is a property company that aims to make property ownership a reality for most Kenyans. The company began its operations in 2010.

Last year’s premiere event featured Sisqo and Dru Hill and this year’s event will feature some of the biggest names in RnB from the 90’s, these include Mya (“Case of the Ex”), Ginuwine (“Pony”) and 112 (“Only you”).


The tickets for the event are currently available of The prices are as follows:

Advance Tickets:

Arena: KSh. 5,000

VIP: KSh. 10,000

At the Gate:

Arena: KSh. 6,000

VIP: KSh. 12,000

Alternatively, you can win a ticket from the plot by posting a photo of yourself or a dance video representing the 90’s on social media using the hashtag #TakeMeToThePlot and stand a chance of winning a maximum of 6 tickets.

To get you in the mood for next Saturday’s event here are three popular songs to listen to from the three main performers of Saturday’s event.





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