The Beauty Of Friendship: How To Be A Better Friend

We live in a world that is constantly pushing for individualism and continual isolation. Sadly, this has left many of us depressed and void of the basic skills required for efficient human interaction. That is why we have so many people who come off as self-centered and socially crippled.

Human beings are meant for community and that is why an alternate approach has failed miserably in the long term. So how do you navigate through these interactions successfully?

  1. Be intentional with friendships

It takes intentionality to make friendships work. How about going the extra mile for your friends. Be that reliable friend who shows up just because.

  • Establish boundaries

Any relationship that lacks boundaries is doomed for failure. Boundaries help define the dos and don’ts and keep us from unnecessary conflict.

  • Cut people some slack

Have you ever had that one friend who thinks that the relationship revolves around them? Or are you that friend? People have a lot going on so let’s be more empathetic and leave room for others to be individuals.

  • Be consistent

Sadly some of us have convenient friends. While this may temporarily work it will leave you very sad and empty when you get discovered. Genuine and consistent relationships are so beautiful. Be consistent and base your relationship on the right foundation to color your life.

  • Add value to your friends life

Are you the kind of friend who makes life better or are you always taking? Introspect to identify who you are. Value can be anything, are you the person I call for wisdom? Or a plug to those things or people who can get my life or next minute to the next level? Is your friend’s life better as a result of your friendship? Examine your circle and see who they also are, do they just take and never give?

I have experienced really great friendships and I pray that you also do. Most importantly be that great friend, won’t you?

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