The Bahati Family Announce Their Netflix Debut

The Bahati family, already a household name in Kenya, has once again made history. Known for their popular reality show “Being Bahati” on NTV, they have now achieved another milestone: they are the first Kenyan family to have a reality show on Netflix.

The announcement came with much excitement as the family shared the news on social media.

“We were the first Kenyan family to have a reality show on national TV (Being Bahati on NTV) and now we make history as the first Kenyan family to have a reality show on Netflix,” Bahati wrote.

The new show, titled “The Bahatis Empire,” is set to premiere on Friday, June 7, 2024.

The couple expressed their deep appreciation and credited their success to their faith.

“All glory goes to our Lord Jesus Christ,” they wrote, acknowledging the spiritual journey that has accompanied their rise to fame.

Fans have eagerly awaited their return to the screen, and this new show promises to deliver on every level.

Completely unscripted, “The Bahatis Empire” will offer a raw, unfiltered look into their lives.

“Oh yes; I know y’all had missed us on TV… The King and Queen of Reality are back and it’s time for us to answer all your rumours as we share with the world our dirty, clean, sad, and happy moments!” Bahati enthused.

This move to Netflix marks a monumental moment not just for the Bahatis but for Kenyan and East African entertainment as a whole. The buzz is electric, and the show promises an unparalleled reality TV experience, capturing the true essence of the Bahati family’s highs and lows.

The Bahati family has consistently led the charge in Kenyan entertainment. With “The Bahatis Empire” on Netflix, they are set to captivate an even broader audience.

Don’t miss out—tune in this Friday for what promises to be the most compelling chapter in the Bahati saga yet.

Watch the preview below:

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