The Annual Fashion Event Tribal Chic Is Back! Bigger and Better

One of Kenya’s biggest fashion events Tribal Chic is back with a bang. The upcoming edition, which is its 11th is set to take place at the distinguished Tribe Hotel on 4th December 2021 – under the theme, One Tribe is Back. This year’s edition is inspired by Tribe Hotel’s belief in humankind as the only tribe that matters.

In collaboration with the Columbian Embassy, Tribal Chic 2021 will be hosting top designers Mercedes Campuzano and Hernán Zajar. The two respected designers will work with upcoming Kenyan designers. The proceeds from this event will be donated to the Ghetto Classics and their numerous projects.

According to the organizers, this edition will be bigger and better. It will feature three runways namely: A different World, Sustainably Trendy and One Tribe is Back. Each runway will showcase visionary and unique design collections.

Tribal Chic 2021 gets better as it will also have a micro reality show dubbed Tribe Collabs. This exciting segment will bring together fashion and lifestyle influencers, young designers, people interested in fashion, and experts to solve a challenge. The teams which will comprise of 5 people i.e., 1 designer, 2 influencers, and 3 community members, will be tasked to create Couture pieces from conventional materials supported by Little Red. The winning team will get a chance to showcase their creation on the main runway.

The organizers have also slotted in a pop-up market where designers and partners will have a chance to sell and showcase their products, as well as participate in the experiential activities. Sounds like a plan? Save a date for this unique showcase of fashion. Gates will open from 6 pm till 10 pm. Click here to secure your tickets. See you there.

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