The 3rd Edition of The Heng! Party Was a Blast

The 3rd edition of The Heng Party was one of the events we were looking forward to attending last weekend and as the cool kids would say; it most definitely henged!!

We got to the venue; The Waterfront in Karen at 9:30 pm just as the second set was about to begin. The venue was super convenient, being a mall. There was ample parking and security. At the entrance, the Kenya Buzz team who were one of the ticketing partners were efficient and friendly.

Although the Waterfront concert space was relatively packed there was enough space for everyone. Those who wanted to be at the front jamming or sitting behind could do so comfortably. The side spaces were reserved for the food and drinks vendors.

On stage, we were welcomed by Canaan Owuor dressed in a monochrome baggy leather fit. The Heng! is a musical journey back to the 90s, and the talented Kenyan musician performs 90s hits backed by a full band and BGVs.

Canaan is belting out “She Will be Loved” by Maroon 5 and serenading the crowd. He pulls up a willing lady to join him on stage. The crowd is also full of life singing along to every lyric, something that happens act after act. Canaan is followed by a beautifully pregnant melodic Njoki Karu, Noel Nderitu, Sam Warui, Brandy Maina and Lisa Oduor-Noah. They perform hits from Aerosmith, Monica, Aaliyah and Donnel James.

Things get even more hitted with a Dru Hill Set, Beyonce, Bobbi Brown and more followed by Kenyan hits from Amani, Longombas and E-Sir.

Some of the performances were backed by Art in Motion Dancers.

The quality and level of sound and lighting is perfect for videos and the natural eye throughout the show. I don’t remember anyone or anything missing a beat.

You can tell the fully made-up performers in character are enjoying themselves as well as enjoying performing with each other. The glam squad made up of Brian Babu, Corrine, Raphael Mutua and Zena Glam did a splendid job.

The show closes down by shouting out the band and a vote of thanks, after which we get to see DJ Adrian and Pinye battle it out. A few people are streaming out to the after-party or their Saturday plans but the party mood is still in the air.

The Heng! is a plan we highly recommend you attend in the near future. Look out for the next event slotted for the end of the year.

Great job to all the organizers, keep rocking!


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