Teleh Mani Takes Budding Music Group ‘Ethic’ To Court Over Management Disagreements

HYPE Entertainment CEO Mwakitele Kitawi, popularly known as “Teleh Mani” will be taking his client “Ethic” to court over management disagreement.

Ethic, a new music group that comprises of four young kids that wowed Kenyans with “Lambo Lolo” that went viral majorly because of it’s dirty lyrics, have been going back and forth with Teleh Mani because of management issues after being accused of breaching contract several times.

Their hit single which had over a million views has now been deleted from YouTube because of the pending case.

“The matter is headed to the courts as we have already drafted our papers so I am not in a position to say much about it until it comes to an end. But if they perform any of those songs at any concert then it would only further complicate the issue for them,” Teleh Mani told Citizen TV journalist.

The group, which comprises of Zilla, Seska, Rekless, Swat, was recently on the spot for unprofessionalism. The issue was later magnified by a series of Twitter rants from Teleh Mani narrating how the kids are unmanageable despite their talent.

Teleh Mani narrated how he paid for their recording sessions, transport, music videos and lined them up for television and radio interviews only for them to refuse to pay him after blowing up and landing gigs.

The two parted ways after that only for them to reunite a few months later when the group apologized.

Teleh Mani, however, has decided to take them to court because they are back to their old ways.

“They apologized and we took them back in,” he said. 

“They, however, messed up again and that is why we are where we are today. I cannot say in what way that is, exactly, because like I have said it is a court matter now.”

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