Tedd Josiah’s Short Film on Fatherhood Will Warm Your Heart

Former music producer Tedd Josiah released his short film titled ‘How I care.’   The Joka Jok Luxury Leather founder shared this short film via his Instagram on Father’s Day to tell his story of single fatherhood. The short film was released in two IGTV posts.


Ted Josiah has been very vocal about his life as a single father ever since the demise of his wife Regina Katar in 2017. The film was shot in honour of father’s Day and the 3rd birthday of his daughter Jayjay.


How I care is a sweet but emotional tale of the veteran producer’s joys and struggles as a single father. In the touching video, Tedd showed his audience a day in his life as a single father to his daughter. He also shared the sad story of how his wife passed on and the grief it brought him.

In this short film, Tedd also shared a glimpse of working from home for his luxury leather business Joka Jok. This gave a clear perspective on his work and fatherhood life balance. He also highlighted the struggles of transitioning from the music business to luxury leather.

In his parting short he encouraged his listeners to be more intentional as parents, and urged men to shun from negative gender role stereotypes and be more involved in the upbringing of their children.

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