Ted Josiah and Nonini Lament Over Kenya’s Lack of Musical Hall of Fame

In a passionate call for recognition of Kenya’s vibrant musical history, renowned figures in the Kenyan music industry, Nonini and Ted Josiah, have raised their voices in the establishment of a national Musical Hall of Fame. Their sentiments echo the long-standing desire within the industry to honor its pioneers.

Ted Josiah, a prominent figure in the Kenyan music scene, took to social media to express his frustration and determination to rectify the absence of a Kenyan Hall of Fame. Through a post on his X page, Josiah exclaimed, “Bout time we had a KENYA HALL OF FAME!!!!! Na si tafadhali!!!!!!” He listed influential figures such as Fadhili, Konde, Kabaka, Kelly Brown, Mushrooms, Mombasa Roots, among others, stressing the need for their recognition within the music and film fraternity.

Expressing his passion for preserving the legacy of Kenyan music, Josiah announced his initiative to establish the Kenya Hall of Fame. He pledged to contribute the inaugural “plank of fame” to the government once the Hall of Fame becomes a reality. Josiah emphasized the symbolic significance of the plank, highlighting that it represents not merely a piece of wood but a testament to Kenya’s musical heritage and the aspirations of future generations.

Josiah’s call to action garnered support from fellow industry stalwart, Nonini, who was invited to participate in the inauguration of the plank of fame. Nonini, known for his groundbreaking contributions to Kenyan music, left an inspirational message on the plank, writing, “Good better best, don’t let it rest until your good is better than the best and the best is better than the rest.”

As they advocate for the establishment of a national Musical Hall of Fame, they envision a future where the contributions of Kenya’s musical luminaries are celebrated and preserved for generations to come.