Teacher Wanjiku Reminisces On Her Show Getting Canceled After Airing For 15 minutes

Comedian Teacher Wanjiku was on a winning path in 2014 then suddenly everything started crumbling.

When it all stopped, which didn’t take long, she was back to zero and industry players were avoiding her like a bad plague.

The comedian on social media relived the moment yet again saying that moving from Churchill Show to having her own show on Citizen TV taught her valuable lesson after its epic fail.

“This picture has been circulating on social media, it is time to address the nation it was taken in January 2014 when my show was cancelled after airing for 15 minutes,” she captioned a picture with fellow comedian Sleepy.

“It was not funny then, it took me a year to get over it! I was sad and frustrated, be very careful who you trust, not everybody has your best interest at heart.”

Wanjiku went on to praise Sleepy for supporting her and pushing things on to a point that he got his own show on KTN dubbed “Shining Stars”. The Wanjiku is happy that despite their fall, they managed to pick themselves up and soldier on.

“SLeepy David was one of the students in my class, he is a force to reckon with, he is aggressive and very focused and today he has managed to have his own tv show called ‘Shinning stars’ On KTN,” She went on.

“We have grown as artists and he really has my back! We laugh about it now tunaambiana ‘Lakini tumetoka mbali’ 😂😂😂😂 it is a memory that I cherish. I was trolled and abused on social media trended for nearly a month,

She went on:

“No TV station wanted anything to do with me, doors were closed on my face, Lakini Mungu ni nani?👊 I managed to pick up myself again, built my self from scratch and here I am bigger better,

“It is okay to start again. No shame in it. I learnt that when someone tells you ‘We want to put up a show for you’ think twice my friend think twice! 😂 I thank my followers who have been with me for more than a decade and who support me a good one!

Read: This picture has been Circulating on social media, it is time to address the nation 😂😂😂😂 it was taken in January…

Posted by Wanjiku The Teacher on Monday, May 10, 2021

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