Taste Of Nairobi: An Unforgettable Experience

The annual Mastercard Taste of Nairobi culinary affair is back offering an unforgettable dining experience from the 16th of November to the 16th of December 2022.

Mastercard and Eat Out Kenya have yet again partnered with 25 top restaurants to highlight what the city has to offer. The Taste of Nairobi launch event was a wonderful night of food, fashion and entertainment.

Taste of Nairobi aims to showcase the very best of Nairobi’s dining scene and will feature the city’s finest restaurants that will exhibit tantalizing, one-of-a-kind tasting menus and offer a Priceless dining experience. It will also be a month of joyous dining experience for Mastercard holders as the partnership will see Mastercard cardholders enjoy up to 20 percent discounts for all their spending at the participating restaurants during the Mastercard Taste of Nairobi 2022.

“People in Nairobi enjoy dining out, restaurants have equally invested in the best ambiance, interior setting, and menus. This initiative reinforces the diversity and talent in the culinary space in Nairobi. Our continued partnership with Mastercard reaffirms that we share a common goal with Mastercard to provide great experiences to consumers while promoting the countless hidden jewels in Nairobi city,” said Mikul Shah, CEO, EatOut Kenya.

EatOut Kenya is also introducing the Mastercard Taste of Nairobi – Best Performing Restaurant Award, which will go to the restaurant with the highest number of visitors during the campaign duration coupled with positive reviews. Awards will also be given to the best waiters and top chefs who provide exemplary customer service.

Check out the full list of restaurants which include Asmara Westands, Bambino, Cultiva, Mawimbi, MeSo, among others here: https://eatout.co.ke/ .

More images from the event:

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