Tanasha Working On Reality Series, Changing Her Music

Singer Tanasha Donna is planning a silent rebrand that will touch on her music strategy and online presence. 

In a Q&A session with her fans on social media, Donna, who hasn’t been largely active this year, said that she’s currently working on a web series that will premier on Youtube soon. 

“We’re working on a YouTube web series for now. I hear you all. As for being content, honestly speaking I’ve had more views in a shorter time but this was while I was creating music that wasn’t truly me,” she said. 

The singer also revealed that even though her plans have always been leaning towards going global, she has to change her strategy come 2022 in order to achieve the goal. 

Her content will therefore get a major revamp in the process for that to be achieved. 

“I’m no longer pressed for just views per say as much as they are very important. Some songs need time to grow or blow after a month or years,” she said. 

“My streams are growing a lot and I’m super content and happy with the stage I’m at with my music. I love my growth. Sometimes I want more and more but we stay trusting the process and God’s timing. I’m confident that my sound will reach the world one day.” 

Tanasha plans to release her EP in February 2022.

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