Tanasha And Manager Part Ways: ‘He’s Not Fit to Manage Me’

Singer Tanasha Donna and her manager David Munyua popularly known as African Castro have parted ways barely two years after teaming up.

Tanasha and Castro silently ended their agreement a month ago sending the singer to a new manager — Ciza Obare — who is currently handling her talent.

Castro, who is one of the best talent managers in Kenya, is behind big names such as  Seth Gor, Shaq The Yungin, Tracy Wanjiru, Tracy Macharia, Martin Kimathi, Sean Andrews, just to name a few.

“It was amicable and I will now be embarking on a different journey with my new company Established African,” the entrepreneur said while speaking to SDE.

In a social media post, Tanasha denied the two took different paths after Castro’s recent misfortune which left his family with a Ksh 7 million dent after his dad tested positive for COVID19.

“We have so many upcoming projects, so those are lies,” she said.

“I want to clarify that we even met yesterday and spoke about it. Everyone these days is just making assumptions. People believe what they see out there without having concrete proof about what the reality of the situation is.”

Tanasha, however, explained that she parted with him because her brand has outgrown him.


“We came to a conclusion, and it was a mutual understanding between us two. He was not really fit to manage me, something he acknowledged himself. So it was not me just coming out here and bad-mouthing him “oh he wasn’t fit to manage me.” This is something he recognised himself and he said he’s more into business development,” said Tanasha.

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