Talking Off Self Limitations

What limits have you set for yourself and what belief systems have you attributed to that are sabotaging you? Are you guilty for your lack of success and lack of drive in your life?

I know at one point I have taken people’s opinions about me and my capabilities way too seriously and allowed them to determine my perception about myself. Like me have you allowed and set limitations?

Trust me I’m by no means trashing constructive criticism. Any person who ignores correction is a fool, even the good book says so. I am however advocating for self-discovery and a healthy amount of confidence in personal identity.

We have been conditioned to majorly rely on the approval and direction of others so much that it has killed any form of belief in one’s self and thus limiting healthy growth and imagination. Have you developed an insatiable appetite for approval that you no longer move without it?.

How about you change that today. It will surprise you the number of people who will take a chance on you when you start believing a little more in yourself. Most importantly, it will shock you how many ceilings you will break just by taking the limits off.

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