SWV & Blackstreet Rekindle Love In Nairobi City

This past weekend at the KICC, love was in the air as two American groups SWV and Blackstreet sang their hearts out for Nairobi. This concert was a proper Valentines gift for lovers to renew their vows through music as well as re-live the 90’s hangout.

The concerts took place at the KICC Comesa Grounds and trust me, the ambiance did fit the bill. The action took place under a humongous dome, with red, white and black theme colors, was truly a lovers affair. The set up was well thought of with dinner for the VVIP which took place early evening, warm up music from Dj Adrian as everyone else settled to their neat garden seats.

At 11 pm, Sisters With Voice (S.W.V) hit the stage with the groove sounds of the Jam Human Nature. It’s amazing that after all the years the voice is still radiant and mellow to the ear. They went through their catalog with songs like ‘Use your Heart, Right Here, Weak, Anything’. But the love they received from the 254 crowd kept them going on and on.

Just before Blackstreet took the stage, the host of the night Maina Kageni and the KICC CEO Nana Gecaga raised a whopping 4.5million in under 10 minutes from corporates attending to help families in the famine-stricken areas.

Blackstreet took to the stage around 1 am with the song Joy. The four boys of the original group were very excited to be seeing a crowd chant word for word to their records. Chauncey Black took the role of lead and he would vibe with the crowd after each song, recreating the memories. of the specific year the songs were recorded. They smoothly went through jams like ‘No Diggity, Money can’t buy me love, before I let you go, don’t leave me” among other crooner jams. They also handed a handful of red roses to the ladies making it memorable.

Closing off the show was USA based Takeover Dj Fully Focus who is touring with the two groups and he did give the people a chance to break a leg.

From the look of things, seems like 90’s acts will feature more in the 254 scene for several reasons. One, the clientele is set already and have no qualms in ticket prices, two; the corporates are cashing in on this events and the past weekend had major brands showing up. Three the experience is out of this world and really one-time chance.

I shoot to the moon because if i miss i land on stars. My Life is Now!! So come join me and we find out the next escapade.