Surviving January: Tips On How To Make This Month Smooth, Seamless

December is done and dusted and now we are in 2022. New goals new ambitions ready to concur our dreams.

But as excited as we might be, it’s good to note that the month of January can be a tormenting one. Remember we are coming off a festive season and diving into a “serious” month where you are expected to perform at your best.

Why is January said to be a tough month?

It’s notorious for being the longest month of the year. This is because a lot of people have spent a huge part of their savings on December festivities and now you need ways to work with whatever is left till the next payday.

Below are tips on how you can get through Jan.

1. Draw a budget

A budget will make you understand what you need and forget what you want. December leaves us believing we can get whatever we want as spending increases but in Jan, all that should come to an end.

2. Cook your own food

Forget eating out. Focus on cooking which is a bit cheaper than going out.

3. Avoid buying on credit

Credit will just leave you in a deeper hole.  It’s tempting to purchase something and tell yourself that you’re going to pay it off in installments but this costs more.

4. Minimize energy consumption

Electricity bills have shot up in the recent past and now that the festivities are over, focus on cutting down consumption. Avoid unnecessary use and make sure anything not being used is switched off and unplugged.

5. Avoid moving around if you could

It might be boring to stay at home, especially if you are an outdoor person. However, if you look at how much you use fuelling your car or the fare for public transport, you might consider staying at home to save on that extra cash. Only move around if you need to, say going to the hospital or if your work requires you to.

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