Superhero Animation ‘TeraStorm’ Considered For Oscars, Kenya Becomes First With The Fete

Swahili superhero film ‘TeraStorm’ has hit a huge milestone after being considered for the Oscars.

The English and Swahili language CGI superhero film TeraStorm was added to the list alongside a South African production, which was an adaptation of a British Children’s novel by famous British writer Roald Dahl making them the only two animations submitted from Africa.

With the submission, Kenya becomes the first and only in Africa to submit an original African scripted animated feature with African characters and context for Oscar consideration.

Written and directed by Kaggia, TeraStorm was produced entirely in Kenya. The film features the voice talents of Arabron Nyyneque, Ali Mwangola, Mevlin Alusa, Sara Muhoho, Marryianne Nungo, Peter Mudamba, Mungai Kiroga.

According to the Kenya Oscars selection committee, the submission is a clear sign that the industry is growing and is set up to compete with the world in general.

This year, the committee received four submissions; Click Click Bang by Phil-It Productions Ltd, Chaguo by Good Karma Fiction Africa Limited, Terastorm by Africana Digital and Rising Son by Kelvin Osoo.

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