Stylist Wambui Thimba Showing Local Designers Love During COVID-19

Kenyan stylist Wambui Thimba recently launched a series she calls “Kenyan Fashion and Style Diary in 21 days” in an effort to support the local fashion industry that’s grappling from the effects of COVID-19. “The Kenyan fashion industry is one of the many local industries that have been adversely affected by the current pandemic. For as long as I can remember fashion has been my bread and butter, my main source of income,” said Wambui.

Fashion businesses may have the ability to go online but let’s face it sales are at an all-time low because most people are saving and spending on other basic needs. Production and sourcing of fabric, as well as clothes, have been disrupted too. Although some store owners, online or physical may still be opening shop and posting items for sale in the hopes of still making something at the end of the day or month, sales are still super low.

There’s definitely hope that we might soon be able to slowly start going out again, restaurants are slowly opening up and some employees have a return to work date. The campaign will undoubtedly be a fantastic way to highlight designers who need more and more eyes on their brands. “For 21 days I will post photos of my personal fashion & style diary which will highlight some of the Kenyan designers and brands I’ve worked with over the years.”

The campaign is currently on Day 5, and has so far featured brands such as soultonickenyayvonneafrostreet   @zanta_adeyde_ @ginene_by_diro  @zoezisport kipatounbranded @africanfabricanddesignske among others as well as several interesting style tips.

If you have been feeling uninspired about your style or want to revamp it; you should follow the celebrity stylist and learn one or two things as she says she will show different ways to style outfits.

It may be risky and tricky but we hope that most of the fashion brands we know and love will be able to come out of this stronger. We are hopeful that there will be new collections and soon fashion shows for us to wear and attend.


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