Are You A Student Of Film? The Zanzibar International Film Festival Wants You

29 March of 2017 by

Every so often, a competition comes along that seems perfectly tailored to a niche group of people – and increasingly, the creative industry is the focus.

The Zanzibar International Film Festival is one of Africa’s most well regarded and most instrumental portals for African film talent – with its commitment to supporting the growth of the sector in Africa.

It’s still a couple of months away, but there is so much to look forward to, ahead of that time: it has just announced the inaugural Film School category and competition for films produced by film school students from across Africa.

Could that category include you?

Film schools and students enrolled in courses across the continent, and including Kenya are being asked to submit their films, at no charge, and also to take part in a full Film School Program that will take place in Stone Town from July 8th – 16th during ZIFF 2017.

Music x Culture x Film: Stone Town Uprising from a previous ZIFF event

ZIFF wants to honour students as they take their journey through the festival; meet, network and collaborate with other students and learn from the best!

Here are the details:

Film School Program:

  • Selection of 12 short films made by film students
  • Screening of the selected films in a competitive section during ZIFF 2017
  • Special Jury Prize allocated to choose the winning film (s)
  • Students who attend ZIFF will be participating to master classes, reserved workshops and organized meetings organized during ZIFF 20th for them.

Film workshops:

(These will be presented by top professional experts in the world of cinema from across the region and beyond)

Acting Workshop: Two top professional actors from the Nigerian Nollywood industry will lead a workshop for actors and actresses. There are a variety of skills that need to be mastered to achieve believable and emotive performances.

  • The Role of Music in Film: Rashid Lanie, an award-winning composer from South Africa will lead this important workshop on the use and composition of music for film.
  • Graphics for Film: Trailers, titles, credits, posters and merchandise. Erik Tak (Cameroun) and other experts in the field will lead this workshop.
  • Documentary Filmmaking: To empower young filmmakers, journalists and media professionals to tell meaningful stories about society and develop their career in film production and the media.

Entry is FREE please contact although you need to be fast! The deadline expires on the 1st of June 2017.

Visit: or for more details


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