Struggling With Maskne As A Result of Face Mask? Find Out How To Prevent

Thanks to Covid-19 our new norm is masking up! Lucky are those who don’t need to have masks on for long hours and then there’s us with irritated skin from the nose bridge down to the chin.

“Maskne”  is medically known as acne mechanica, a skin condition secondary to prolonged wear of facial personal protective equipment. This mostly comes about as a result of clogged pores. Oil, sweat and dead skin cells build up and block your pores. Masks also trap humidity as you breathe and talk, which increases the risk of acne due to the moist environment created.

So here are tips to prevent and also do away with maskne:

Wear clean masks

Oils, sweat, and skin cells collect on your mask, repeating used masks is a reason to maskne. If you’re wearing cloth masks, make sure you have more than one to ensure that you wash your mask after use. If you can’t keep up with this, stick to disposable masks.

Wear a mask on a clean face:

Use a gentle cleanser to wash your face twice a day, or even better each time you’re putting on a mask. This prevents dirt and oil from building up on the skin surface, which causes breakouts.

Use a light moisturizer

Moisturizers not only keep your skin hydrated but also create a barrier to friction from your mask. Heavy products may increase the chances of pores clogging up.

Tone down on the make-up

Make-up will not only stain your mask with residue but clog your pores especially worn under a mask. Make-up particles featuring all the build-up of skin extracts will do your skin no justice.

Take off your mask every 4 hours

In every 4 hours, it’s recommended to have a 15 minutes break from your mask. It is neither illegal to put your mask off your face when you are alone or 6 feet away from people.

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