Kenyan Storytelling YouTube Channels That Will Crack You Up!

Storytelling has been in existence since time immemorial. It is an art that involves creating a visual image of the happenings of a particular event, in the mind of the listener. Being an art, it is a talent that few people possess.

The digital age has enabled storytellers to reach a wider audience unlike in the past. Nowadays people use channels such as YouTube and other social media tools to tell their stories. Below are some Kenyan YouTubers whose incredible storytelling talent will keep you glued to their channels and have your ribs aching:

Lisa & Joy

These two friends share stories of their escapades in Nairobi and life experiences among other things. Their friendship complements their chemistry making their stories interesting to listen to. Their hints of exaggeration and dose of humor will keep you glued to their Storytime videos.

Wahura Kabutha

Her signature intro “Irriz wahura Kabutha hin the building!” makes her stand out from her peers. Her aura attracts her listeners to her stories the healthy dose of humor keeps them coming back for more. Storytime is one of her specialities and she does it well.

Shorn Arwa

She is hands down one of the most hilarious Storytime YouTubers in Kenya. Shorn rose to fame after a clip of her lamenting over the tribulations of slay queens during the quarantine period as their sponsors were not supporting them financially. Her fan base continues to grow as her storytelling techniques are very entertaining.

Chebet Ronoh

Her youtube channel The Great day Channel enjoys a good following. Ronoh’s persona oozes a lot of confidence and her humour will have you rolling on the floor. Even though she has done videos on other topics, her storytelling skills remain exemplary.

So are you looking for a good story to keep you entertained? Check out these channels and let us know your favorite.

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