STL’s “Get Up & Go” To Feature On Fox Tv Series Rosewood

Multi-talented rapper Stella Mwangi a.k.a STL is scoring big in Hollywood day by day. Her latest E.P with just 5 tracks is taking a life of its own and bringing her success at the top level.

This week, American Broadcasting giant Fox just picked up 3rd single “Get Up & Go” to feature as a soundtrack on the second season of Rosewood. The song should appear on Episode 15 which airs Friday 10th.

Rosewood stars Morris Chestnut who acts as Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Jr., a private pathologist working in Miami, Florida, in high demand with law enforcement. The Show has been on air since September 2015 with 22 episodes per season.

The song Get up & Go will play as the characters Bradley and Ivan try to cheer up Raymond who is drinking after his investors back out of a deal.

The E.P has had success with Reebok picking up the track Work for their ‘Free your style 2017 classic campaign”. Teyana Taylor is dancing to the beat on the ad.

Another single ‘Set It Off’ featured on Being Mary Jane which was big news for a Kenyan artist to achieve such fete.

So what is the possible ripple effect of this fete?

One, STL will have a larger exposure and her craft will have new fans in new territories where the TV shows air. Second, she is more likely to work with more TV Shows on more soundtracks and maybe throw in complete music projects, which means more money and more respect for her brand. Three, the much-needed international recognition for a Kenyan artist might have a trickle-down effect on our artists back home as producers scuffle looking for more sounds such as STL’s.

Donut Media, company behind the production of the E.P seems to have quick results as they have delivered exactly what they promised on the front of TV and Youtube soundtracks.

It will not be a shocker when ‘Murder Dem’ and ‘Big Girl’ land on a major Network as well. Wish all the best to STL and hope our local acts take notes.




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