Stivo Simple Boy Looks At Expanding Freshi Barida Into An Empire

Singer Stivo Boy has announced that his latest venture will be a juice brand called ‘Freshi Barida’.

Named after his famous song, the singer said that he’s working to ensure the brand comes alive later this year though he didn’t give a specific timeline.

On social media, Simple Boy shared a photo of the juice brand concept and revealed that the venture will happen soon.

“Na mungu akituzidia zitakua madukani Ivi karibuni tukue freshi barida. [God willing they will be in stores very soon] he posted.

What started just as a song with a catchy phrase has now mutated into a cash cow for the Kibera singer.

Three months ago, Stivo launched his ‘Freshi Barida’ clothing line which includes hoodies, T-shirts and boxers.

The Freshi Barida phrase has really grown popular and seems like it will replace his very own ‘Au sio’ and ‘ndio manake’ slogans that he made popular while coming up.

Freshi Barida song has a remix featuring South Africa’s Ntosh Gazi and Mejja.

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