Steve Harvey To Tour Kenya After Meeting President Ruto

Legendary American TV host Steve Harvey has announced plans to tour Kenya following his recent meeting with President William Ruto.

Steve Harvey met President Ruto at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, during Ruto’s four-day state visit to the United States. The meeting highlighted the potential for collaboration between the Kenyan government and influential figures in the entertainment industry.

During their discussion, Harvey confirmed that he was invited by President Ruto to visit Kenya in September 2024. This visit is set to precede his filming schedule in Johannesburg, South Africa.

“When I met my brother (Ruto), and I know how God works, he invited me to Kenya and it happens to be September… I will be shooting in Johannesburg, but before I do that, I will come visit my brother,” Steve Harvey said.

The news of this high-profile meeting and upcoming visit has been met with widespread excitement. Eddie Butita, a notable Kenyan filmmaker who was also part of the delegation, shared his enthusiasm on social media. Netizens showered him with praise for his role in facilitating this significant engagement with Steve Harvey.

President Ruto expressed that the tour of Tyler Perry Studios was highly inspirational. He emphasized the importance of investing more effort and resources into Kenya’s creative sector. “The tour of the studios was an inspiration to put more effort and resources into the creative sector of Kenya’s economy,” Ruto said.

The anticipation of Steve Harvey’s visit has sparked conversations about the potential benefits for Kenya’s creative industry. His influence and global reach could bring increased visibility and opportunities to local artists and filmmakers.

Kenya’s creative sector has been growing steadily, and collaborations with international icons like Steve Harvey are expected to accelerate this growth. The visit in September 2024 could mark a significant milestone in the enhancement of Kenya’s cultural and creative landscape.

As the country prepares to welcome Steve Harvey, there is a palpable sense of optimism about the future of Kenya’s creative industries. The visit promises to not only strengthen diplomatic ties but also to foster new opportunities for collaboration and growth within the arts sector.

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